Meet the Team

We love what we do and our team led by Head Personal Trainer Niamh Fitzgerald work hard to make you healthier, stronger and more better able to deal with day to day life and stressors! We are constantly updating our classes, packages and programmes to make Lift better for you.

Niamh Fitzgerald

Head Personal Trainer

Niamh has been working hard in the fitness industry for over a decade. She is not only an extremely popular personal trainer, but her strength-building Strong (Wo)Man and HIIT Lifting classes fill up fast! Her superior in-depth knowledge on the physiology of exercise – along with her infectious humour, motivation and passion – creates a professional, energy-charged session that is both highly sought after and very enjoyable. If you feel you need to be pushed, Niamh’s the trainer for you.

Niamh’s work ethos centres on achieving goals through hard training, motivation and lifting heavy things – with an emphasis on increasing the health of each and every client and creating a super strong physiological foundation for a long, healthy and strong life. She brings to each individual client a passion both for fitness and for nutrition. This is based on continuous education in these areas and the desire to help clients achieve their individual goals. Niamh believes that nutrition is key to overall fitness and will provide an in-depth nutrition and food plan, which is both manageable and maintainable.

Niamh’s passion for fitness and health is evident in her love for rugby. She is an avid rugby player, having played with AIL champions Old Belvedere and provincial for Leinster, Connaught and Ulster. She is now undertaking a Head Coach role within women's senior rugby to help increase female participation in sport.

Niamh feels that her participation in team and competitive sports from a young age has helped form a big part of who she is today and she actively encourages young kids, particularly girls to do the same. 

Most recently Niamh has completed a Nutritional Medicine Profile with The International College of Applied Nutrition and Strength (ICANS) and she regularly upgrades her software so she can keep team Lift on top of their game. 



  • RIP 60 Master Instructor
  • LeanMotion Master Instructor
  • Kettlebell Certified
  • BodyPump Certified
  • Fit Wall Certified
  • Currently studying with the International Society of Sports Nutrition I.S.S.N
  • Nutritional Medicine Profiler (ICANS-NMP)


  • Irish Strength Institute Certified
  • Pilates Mat Instructor Level 1&2
  • Pilates Reformer Level 1&2
  • International Therapy Examination
    Council I.T.E.C. Personal Trainer Certified
  • International Therapy Examination
    Council I.T.E.C. Gym Instructor Certified
  • International Therapy Examination Council I.T.E.C.


Shauna Fitzgerald

Personal Trainer - Level 1

Meet Shauna – at 25, the youngest member of the team! Shauna has always been passionate about fitness and health, but it was only when she started training with Niamh in 2014 that she felt inspired to redirect her career towards helping other people to achieve their goals.

Shauna qualified as a personal trainer in 2016, complemented by a mentorship under Niamh Fitzgerald at Lift. Her journey in achieving her own personal fitness goals, along with her qualifications, has provided her with the knowledge and tools required to meet every clients individual goals.

Shauna has a unique approach to personal training that makes working out under her guidance a very different experience! As well as focusing on resistance training to build strength, prevent injury and for good mental health, Shauna is passionate about ensuring that every single one of her clients has fun in their sessions with her. Training, to Shauna, isn't about gritting your teeth and bearing it – it's about enjoying moving your body and seeing changes happen as you do!


  • Personal Trainer EQF level 4
  • Fitness instruction EQF level 3
  • Group instruction EQF level 3
  • IFT Olympic Lifting
  • IFT Group Box Training
  • IFT Studio Cycle Training
  • IFT Strong man Training


Rosemary mac cabe

Personal Trainer - Level 1

Meet Rosemary – the newest member of team Lift. Rosemary came to training relatively late in life – at school and college, she was more of an avoider than a joiner, and carries no fond memories of PE or team sports. But it was when she started lifting weights at Lift Training Studios under Niamh's careful tutelage that her passion for health, fitness and whole health (that's physical, mental and emotional health) really came to the fore. 

Rosemary qualified as a personal trainer in 2017 and completed a mentorship with Niamh Fitzgerald at Lift, before joining the team full-time. She brings to the team an understanding that not everyone is of the "just do it" mentality, and firmly believes that there is no such thing as an excuse – but there are often loads of reasons for people's decisions to do X over Y (or nothing, over something).

As a personal trainer, Rosemary's focus is on re-learning what it feels like to be proud of your body; she started her own training journey, she says, hating her body, but soon began to love her body for what it could do (and feel a certain determination to overcome the things it couldn't!). She is passionate about encouraging women to train for strength, fitness and whole health, and these are principles she helps instil in all of her clients.


Qualifications obtained:

International Therapy Examination Council I.T.E.C. Gym Instructor Certified

International Therapy Examination Council I.T.E.C. Personal Trainer Certified

International Therapy Examination Council I.T.E.C. Nutritionist Certified

Body Positive Fitness Association Affiliated Professional (2017)

National Training Centre N.T.C. Pre & Post Natal Exercise Certified

Powerlifting Certified

Suspension Training Certified


Aisling Daly

Lift Training Studios Personal Trainer – Level 1

Meet Aisling – for a lot of you, a familiar face. Aisling was Ireland's first ever MMA world champion and our first and only female UFC fighter. She made her professional MMA debut in 2007 at the age of just 19 and retired earlier this year, but has amassed years of coaching experience with full-time and recreational athletes in the field of MMA.

She's also dedicated to improving the safety within MMA – Aisling is the founder of Safe MMA Ireland, the organisation responsible for athlete safety within MMA and an Athlete Ambassador for IMMAF, the International Amateur MMA governing body.

Aisling is Ireland's first and only female black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – a functional martial art where grade is based on performance in competition, personal skill and coaching ability – a ranking achieved after 14 years of training in the sport. In short: Aisling's not someone to mess with!

Aisling qualified as a personal trainer in 2014 and is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness and health goals, with an emphasis on strength and functional movement. She's also an experienced speaker, having spoken on a number of guest panels on the topics of training, fitness, mental health and brain injury. 

Training, for Aisling, is about more than achieving aesthetic goals – although they're a nice bonus. It's about improving clients' health and fitness and showing them what can be achieved with consistency, dedication and determination.


Qualifications obtained:

 PT Qualification Fitness instructor and Personal trainer with NTC EQF level 4 2014

Currently studying Level 1 coaching certificate with Precision Nutrition