Welcome to Lift Training Studios

Do you want to get fit, lose weight and increase your strength? Of course you do – well, sorry, but that's not what we're about at Lift. Sure – by taking part in Lift Training Studios' regular classes, or scheduling in some one-on-one personal training with our expert trainers, you'll definitely achieve all of those goals, but at Lift our emphasis is on health, both mind and body. You'll emerge from your time at Lift with a stronger body and mind than ever before, learning the skills and tools to lift weights properly, fuel your body right and support your lifestyle, physically and mentally. Join the strength movement at Lift Training Studios now.


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Our TEam

          Niamh Fitzgerald       Head Personal Trainer  

          Niamh Fitzgerald
      Head Personal Trainer


          Shauna Fitzgerald       Personal Trainer - Level 1  

          Shauna Fitzgerald
      Personal Trainer - Level 1


                Aisling Daly       Personal Trainer - Level 1

                Aisling Daly
      Personal Trainer - Level 1

            Rosemary Mac Cabe        Personal Trainer - Level 1  

            Rosemary Mac Cabe 
      Personal Trainer - Level 1