Lift Client - 2017

I loved the course, I loved getting back into training again it really helped after being out for so long. It was challenging mentally and physically but because you are in a small group it helped a lot more than a big classes. It was great to have the support of Rebecca at the other end of the phone and sending pics of the food I ate made me quiet conscious of what I was eating and drinking. For me it really helped me get back into a routine for sleeping, eating and shopping. I have so much more energy than I did 8 weeks ago. I know I have a long way to go still but I'm not as down about it as I was when I started. It has given me the determination to get back into the skinny jeans I used to feel great in.

Tina Lynch - 2017

What gets you up three times a week at 6am, get up early on a Saturday and radically overhaul what you eat? The answer is love. When I was first asked to write this testimonial I was super proud of myself but then I was worried. Worried I wouldn't know how to find the right words to express how much training with Niamh has changed my life.

I never thought I could or would enjoy exercise (let alone lifting), or that I would love getting up at 6am. For me, my journey started when I read a blog by Rosemary McCabe who trains with Niamh. It really stood out to me and I decided to try one class. What I did know back then when I went to that first class was that after going through quite a upsetting period in my life I wanted to get strong mentally and physically. The one class became two and so on and then I started personal training with Niamh.

Whether it's the classes or PT, Niamh is always full of energy and warmth. If you just attend one class it will be pretty obvious how popular and well liked she is. More impressive is her strength and her nutritional knowledge. At the moment I can squat 85kg and deadlift 120kg but I aim to lift heavier and know that Niamh will get me to my goal. For me training now feels like a hobby it's never a chore or something I don't look forward to. I'm no longer the person I was before. And that's OK because I'm a better healthier stronger person now. I discovered a strength and a passion I didn't know I had. More importantly than looking better on the outside is being better on the inside. Niamh helped me get strong, I hope anyone reading this might be half as lucky as me to experience the same. Anyone unhappy with their weight or fitness, don't wait for tomorrow, you are alive right now so live now. Get strong now.

Rosemary Mac Cabe - 2016

I've been training with Niamh at Lift for six months now, and the difference it has made to my life is pretty immeasurable. I've changed not only my outlook on exercise but my whole attitude to food – honestly, if I hadn't started at Lift I think I'd still be a fairly unhappy person. (And I don't just mean because I lost weight.) There's such a deadly group atmosphere, classes are really good fun and Niamh is so encouraging and supportive. I'd recommend anyone give it a go.


"In total I have lost 100 lbs through healthy eating and exercise. Niamh has been my trainer for the past three years and was helped me tremendously to achieve my weight loss goals, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness.”

Louise Nicholls -2015

“I picked Niamh to be my personal trainer because she has a real passion for sports, training and achieving goals. It takes an athlete to understand and design the right training program and from the start Niamh understood my goals. Some trainers just hand out the same programs to all their clients....Not Niamh! She cares about her clients and your goals become her goals. I've achieved so much training with Niamh, she has encouraged and pushed me way beyond my original goals. I'm delighted with the results and will continue to work with her. If you want results, pick Niamh and do as she says and prepare yourself for some serious training.”

Francis McKernan - 2015

“I started training with Niamh in September 2010 completely out of condition and overweight.  With Niamh's guidance encouragement and support I lost 47lbs and have achieved a level of fitness and strength I wouldn't have thought possible.  She is undoubtedly Dublin's finest Personal Trainer.