Shauna Fitzgerald PT


Meet Shauna – at 27, the youngest member of the team! Shauna has always been passionate about fitness and health, but it was only when she started training with Niamh in 2014 that she felt inspired to redirect her career towards helping other people to achieve their goals.

Shauna qualified as a personal trainer in 2016, complemented by a mentorship under Niamh Fitzgerald at Lift. Her journey in achieving her own personal fitness goals, along with her qualifications, has provided her with the knowledge and tools required to meet every clients individual goals.

Shauna has a unique approach to personal training that makes working out under her guidance a very different experience! As well as focusing on resistance training to build strength, prevent injury and for good mental health, Shauna is passionate about ensuring that every single one of her clients has fun in their sessions with her. Training, to Shauna, isn't about gritting your teeth and bearing it – it's about enjoying moving your body and seeing changes happen as you do!


  • IFT Group Box Training

  • IFT Studio Cycle Training

  • IFT Strong man Training

  • Personal Trainer EQF level 4

  • Fitness instruction EQF level 3

  • Group instruction EQF level 3

  • IFT Olympic Lifting

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